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Magnetic Paint

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approx. 3.5m2 / 0.75l

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Creates a magnetic coating on the surface of the wall – for attaching small magnets and fixing posters, photos, drawings, travel souvenirs, information fiches, etc. to the wall.

Avoids the use of fixings that damage or dirty the surface – such as adhesive tapes, pins or nails. Allows you to create an original and functional interior.

Blackboard effect – Magnetic Paint and Blackboard Paint are products with which you can create the effect of a school blackboard. On a surface coated with these two paints, you can write with chalk and attach small magnets. It is a perfect solution especially for:
- children's rooms, schools, nurseries, kindergartens,
- offices, conference and training rooms, kitchens,
- restaurants. 

Black colour

Allows magnets to be attached to the wall,

High yield

Available colors


Step by step instruction

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this product

Step 1

Apply thin and uniform layer of the Magnetic Paint upon the substrate painted with base coat paint Initium.

Step 2

Second coat can be applied after complete drying of the previous one (after minimum 2 hours). Paint should be applied in at least 3 coats. As the number of layers increases, the adhesion of magnets to the surface improves.

Step 3 

Minimum 6 hours after drying of the last layer, apply the Blackboard Paint, acrylic or latex top coat paint (e.g. Color Matt).