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Lime Travertine

Limestone plasters

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super fine approx. 0.8kg / m2
fine approx. 1.3kg / m2
coarse approx. 4kg / m2

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Elegant decorative plaster, creating an exclusive structural coating imitating the stone with its characteristic pits and cavities. Perfect for achieving a travertine effect.

Bacteria and fungus resistant limestone travertine not only looks beautiful, but also protects interiors. In addition, it ensures the breathability of the walls, which positively affects the microclimate in the rooms. Thanks to the possibility of obtaining the effect of shallow or deep pits, depending on the grain size of the product, Lime Travertine allows you to customize the appearance of the surface to individual preferences, allowing creative expression in interior design.

Ensures breathable walls

A shallow or deep pitting effect can be achieved

Resistant to bacteria and fungus

Available colors

White, coarse

Possible dyeing

White, fine

Possible dyeing

White, super fine

Possible dyeing

Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply 

this product

Step 1

Apply Lime Travertine on a thickness of aggregate upon the surface primed with the Bonding Primer.

Step 2

Slightly moisten surface before application of second coat. Apply second layer 
of the Travertine.

Step 3

When material initially dries, scratch scores and smoothen the surface.

Step 4

Cover surface with colourless Decorative Varnish.

Step 5

Apply Decorative Varnish coloured with the Pigment 20ml.

Step 6

Wash excess of material with a sponge, frequently rinse the sponge with water.

Step by step instruction

Explore other possibilities

Greek Islands

Greek Islands effect - extraordinary way of use of Lime Travertine. Irregularly distributed and finished with shiny Glitter particles imitates cut stone, which perfectly matches interiors inspired by the nature.

Terra Antica

Terra Antica effect - natural lime plaster. Decorated wall refers to the polished stone and shining particles of mica recalls the ice crystals which underlines the aesthetics of decorative effect. This is a solution for people who value ageless interior design.