Aranżacja efektu mech dekoracyjny

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Decorative Moss

Resin plasters

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Set for approx. 3.5m2

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Decorative Moss - this original and unique effect imitates a wall overgrown with moss. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it gently glistens, reflects the light and creates the impression of morning dew on the forest floor.

The Effect is available as a complete product set:
- Product  1 - Decorative Moss in light green,
- Product 2 - Decorative Moss in dark green,
- Pigment Concentrate 40 ml Chocolate Bar,
- Tiling sponge.

When illuminated, the Decorative Moss surface reflects the light and sparkles.

Decorative Moss is particularly recommended for residential buildings and public facilities (offices, service facilities, shopping centres).

High mechanical strength

Natural moss effect

Contains glass microspheres that give a sparkling effect

Available colors


Step by step instruction

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 this product

Step 1

Stain Bonding Primer with a Chocolate Bar pigment (the pigment included
in the kit) and prime entire surface.

Step 2

Apply the Product 1 with a sponge. Add the Product 2 at some places.

Step 3

Merge product colours by stamping surface with a dry sponge in order to obtain smooth colour transition.