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Industrial Rust

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Natural rusted sheet metal effect – the plaster contains iron particles due to which it rusts naturally (if exposed to appropriate conditions). The product perfectly reflects the natural rust effect. It has magnetic properties and a high adhesive strength on various substrates. 

Industrial Rust is a special, water-dilutable acrylic plaster manufactured on the basis of a high-quality dispersion with addition of selected auxiliary materials and special metallic fillers.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as plaster, concrete, stone, gypsum boards, wood panels and other load-bearing substrates, after they have been cleaned and prepared in advance.

Very good coverage

Creates a natural rusted sheet metal effect

Magnetic Properties

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Step by step instruction

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 this product

Step 1

Apply the Bonding Primer upon clean and dry surface.

Step 2

Apply a coat of Industrial Rust upon small surface with a venetian trowel. Apply the Rust Activator with an atomiser, avoid forming leakages. Slightly smoothen the surface with a trowel.  

Step 3

Form the structure on dry surface by applying material with a sponge.

Step 4

Apply the Rust Activator with an atomiser upon freshly applied material. 

Step 5

After 24h apply colourless Decorative Varnish with a paintbrush or a roller.

Step by step instruction

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