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Black Concrete

Limestone plasters

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approx 1.3kg / m2

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Black Concrete is used for decorative plasterwork - a fashionable, artistic plaster that makes an excellent decoration for modern residential and public interiors.
It harmonises perfectly with metal, glass and raw wood.

Black Concrete is particularly recommended for residential buildings and public facilities (offices, service facilities, shopping centres).

Ready to use after prior preparation, it provides easy and versatile application. It adheres perfectly to a variety of substrates, such as plaster, stone, gypsum board, woodgrain. It combines modern design with functionality, offering not only a unique look, but also everyday durability.

Ecological – coloured with natural pigments

Doesn't contain cement

Durable coating finish

Available colors


Black + Gold Tape

Step by step instruction

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this product

Step 1

Apply the Concrete with a venetian trowel upon the surface previously primed with the Bonding Primer.

Step 2

When the Concrete dries, adhere tape in order to imitate rustications.

Step 3

Slightly moisten the surface and apply a next layer of Black Concrete.

Step 4

While surface initially dries, smoothen it with an edge of trowel until obtaining desired level of smoothness.

Step 5

While the surface is still damp, remove the previously glued tapes, and then cover the surface thoroughly with Decorative Varnish.