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Black Obsidian

Resin plasters

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Approx. 3kg / m2

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Enter the world of elegance with Black Obsidian, a decorative mass that is a true masterpiece in the art of interior decoration.

This deep shade of black, inspired by the jewelry stone, not only gives a modern character to the rooms, but also creates a subtle dance of lights, reflecting their rays in an extremely mysterious way.

Apply Black Obsidian to interior walls and you will see how it enlivens the space, adding a modern touch. It will work perfectly in a variety of contexts - from home interiors to offices, service outlets or shopping malls.

Easy to apply

Hides micro-cracks and minor substrate irregularities

Increased resistance to washing

Available colors

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Fine

Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply

 this product

Step 1

Apply the Bonding Primer upon clean and dry surface.  

Step 2

Apply a smooth layer of Black Obsidian with a venetian trowel.

Step 3

Smoothen surface with circular moves of trowel.