Aranżacja produktu pigment, kolor Śliwka węgierka

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Pigment Concentrate


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Pigment Concentrate 40 ml and Pigment Concentrate Intense 40 ml - paste for colouring Fox Dekorator decorative products: paints, plasters and varnishes.

Universal pigment for most water-based varnishes, fillers, waxes, paints and plasters including mineral ones - it is possible to use the pigment for colouring products of other manufacturers. However, a compatibility test of the PIGMENTS with these products must be carried out beforehand.

Note: The Fox Dekorator Pigment is not a paint. 

Easy dosing.

High colour intensity.

UV-resistant colours.

Available colors

Coconut Cream

Lime Rock

Menthol Green

Sunny Glow

Concrete Loft

Breton Blue

Natural Linen

Cassel Soil

Graphite Greyness

Caramel Tinge

Ink Sky

Emerald Depth

Chocolate Bar

Seria Intense


Deep-Blue Ocean

Wild Rose

Prune Plum

Black Diamond

Step by step instruction

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The product is ready to use. Shake vigorously before use to achieve a uniform colour. The same product used with different products can give a completely different shade and intensity of colour. It is best to make and dry a sample to check the final result.

Application. Apply a 40 ml tube of PIGMENT to the product to be coloured and mix thoroughly. Depending on the required intensity of the colour, use the appropriate amount of tubes