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COLOR MATT is used for decorative or protective painting of interior walls and ceilings. Excellent quality latex paint for painting walls and ceilings indoors. It is produced on the basis of a polymer dispersion, which makes the coating resistant to washing and scrubbing. 

The paint is enriched with the addition of wax, which makes it resistant to water and facilitates the removal of stains from the painted surface. The content of mineral fillers, including titanium white, gives the paint excellent coating power, therefore it is recommended for painting new substrates and renovation coats. 

Selected organic and inorganic pigments guarantee color durability. Enriching additives improve the rheology - they provide excellent application properties, prevent splashes during painting and affect the paint flow and building a smooth, uniform coating. The extended open time prevents the formation of streaks when the paint dries quickly.


Doesn't splatter during application

Very good coverage

Available in all 2050 colors NCS color chart

Step by step instruction

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Apply the paint in a thin and even layer onto the prepared and cured substrate. It can be applied with a roller, with a brush or by spraying. 

The use of microfibre or polyacrylic rollers with a fibre length of 11 mm is recommended. Cover roller with a generous amount of paint and spread it carefully and evenly on the substrate. 

It is important not to paint with a "dry roller". Guide the roller lightly over the surface to be painted, without pressing it against the substrate