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Initium Color

Surface preparation

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approx. 9m2 / l

Initium Color an excellent solution for performing a primer coat of paint on walls and ceilings. A special formula based on an acrylic binder, high-quality fillers and chemicals makes Initium Color primer paint an effective tool in the process of preparing surfaces before applying topcoats and decorative paints.

The primer paint is grey in color, which allows to effectively unify the properties of the substrate in terms of coloration and texture. It is not only a primer, but also a key element that contributes to the durability and quality of painting. Its application allows you to achieve professional results during renovation and decorative works.

It can be used on substrates such as cement-lime plaster, cement plaster, concrete substrates, unplastered walls made of ceramic blocks, silicate blocks, bricks, cellular concrete, gypsum plasters, putties and putties, polymeric putties and putties, plasterboard and OSB, paper, vinyl and fiberglass wallpapers, acrylic paint coatings.      

Unifies the substrate colour

Improves bonding (strongly adheres to substrates and plasters applied)

Reduces absorption

Step by step instruction

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The paint is supplied ready for use. It must not be combined with other materials. Before use, it should be mixed thoroughly to equalize the consistency.

The paint should be applied to the prepared substrate in a thin and even layer. Painting can be done with a roller, brush or by spraying. Depending on the absorbency and structure of the substrate, painting should be carried out once or twice. The second layer of paint should be applied after the first one is completely dry. 

Painting with topcoat and decorative paint can be started after about 2 hours, when the applied primer paint is sufficiently dry