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Surface preparation

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approx. 8m2 - 10m2 / l

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Thanks to its unique formula, Primer perfectly levels the surface and reduces the absorbency of the substrate, a key step in preparing the surface for subsequent finishing work.

It's features include a fast-drying formula that allows finishing coats to be applied in as little as 2 hours. Its solvent-free formulation makes it easy to use, and once it dries, it becomes completely colorless for an aesthetically pleasing finish. In addition, the Primer is vapor permeable, which allows the substrate to maintain adequate air circulation on the surface

Can be used on substrates such as cement-lime plaster, cement plaster, concrete substrates, unplastered walls made of ceramic blocks, silicate blocks, bricks, cellular concrete, gypsum plasters, putties and filler, polymeric putties and filler, plasterboard and OSB, paper, vinyl and fiberglass wallpapers, acrylic paint coats  

Educes absorptiveness and strengthens substrates,

Improves bonding (strongly adheres to substrates and plasters applied)


Step by step instruction

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Substrate preparation

The substrate should be:
- stable, sufficiently load-bearing, seasoned to air-dry condition
- clean, i.e. dust-free and cleaned from old paint coats and from other layers that may weaken paint adhesion, especially dust, dirt, wax and grease,
- even, without cracks, defects repair before painting

Preparation of emulsion

Primer is produced as an emulsion ready for direct use. It should be mixed thoroughly before use. 


Apply Primer to the substrate in undiluted form, once with a roller, brush or spray method, as a thin and even layer.  

Use of the surface

Painting, wallpapering, gluing tiles, etc., should be started after the emulsion has dried. The primer should form a matte surface after drying.