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Agent Fos Removing Plaster


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depending on the degree and nature of the dirt

Agent for removing plasters, paints and primers is a product characterized by high efficiency. Its unique formula allows effective removal of all kinds of dirt resulting from painting, plastering and priming works. 

This specialized agent not only perfectly copes with paint, plaster or primer residues, but also effectively eliminates dirt from grease, grease and tar. Importantly, this product has been developed in such a way that it does not cause damage to different types of surfaces. Whether you use it on tiles, wood, PVC or laminates, the dirt remover works gently without exposing the materials to unwanted damage or deformation. Thanks to this, using this product, you can be sure that you will not only effectively clean the surface, but also take care of its durability and aesthetics.

Won't damage tiles, wood, PVC and laminates

Also removes grease, fat and tar

Highly effective

Step by step instruction

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Depending on the degree and type of soiling or the thickness of the coat to be removed, dilute the cleaner with water (max. ratio 1:5) and spread on the surface. Particularly heavily soiled places should be soaked with the undiluted liquid. 

In each case, leave soaked dirt for 15 minutes for the liquid to take effect and then remove the residues with a sharp brush or sponge. If necessary, repeat the process. A "compress" (fabric soaked with the cleaner, left on the dirty surface) can be used for extremely difficult to remove dirt. Rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with water.