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Rust Activator


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70ml / m2

Rust Activator is a product based on a salt solution. It accelerates the natural corrosion process on the plaster Industrial Rust. Ready for use – does not require any additional preparations.

Excellent application properties. The Industrial Rust effect (for which the Rust Activator is used) is a decorative wall plaster for indoor applications. It is equally suitable for modern and classic interiors.It is particularly recommended for residential buildings and public facilities (offices, service facilities, shopping centres). 

Accelerates the corrosion process

Easy to apply

Designed for interiors

Step by step instruction

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Apply Rust Activator on the plaster with an atomizer, brush, sponge or plastic sprayer. On large surfaces, the work should be carried out in stages - plaster sections of approx. 1-2 m² and then apply the activator. 

Apply the activator evenly on the whole surface. As long as the surface has not completely dried, more activator can be applied in certain spots in order to intensify the corrosion effect in some places. Leave the entire surface to dry.