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approx. 14m2 / l

A paint specifically designed for decorative and protective painting of building interiors. It is ideal for painting both new substrates and surfaces undergoing renovation. 

It's unique features include very high resistance to washing and abrasion, so that painted surfaces remain pristine for a long time. 

The paint is characterized by very high covering power, which allows to obtain uniform and intense colors without the need for repeated painting.

Doesn't splatter during application

Very high resistance to washing and rubbing

Hydrophobic - repels liquid dirt

Available colors


Sky over London

Flores Beaches

Caribbean Sands

Phlegraean Fields

Canary Islands

Upsala Glacier

Stony Gomera

Gobi Desert

Thai Fog

Swiss Slope

Artic Ocean

Possible dyeing

Concrete Loft

Color after dyeing

Breton Blue

Color after dyeing

Black Diamond

Color after dyeing

Wild Rose

Color after dyeing


Color after dyeing

Deep-Blue Ocean

Color after dyeing

Graphite Greyness

Color after dyeing

Caramel Tinge

Color after dyeing

Coconut Cream

Color after dyeing

Menthol Green

Color after dyeing

Natural Linen

Color after dyeing

Prune Plum

Color after dyeing

Sunny Glow

Color after dyeing

Emerald Depth

Color after dyeing

Chocolate Bar

Color after dyeing

Lime Rock

Color after dyeing

Cassel Soil

Color after dyeing

Ceramic Intense

Amazon Rainforest

Gulf of Alaska

Icelandic Beaches

Errant Rocks

Step by step instruction

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Apply the paint in a thin and even coat onto the prepared substrate. It can be applied with a roller, with a brush or by spraying. The second coat can be applied, when the first coat is completely dry. Work interruptions during the painting must be planned in advance, e.g. in corners etc. The paint must be applied in a continuous procedure without work interruptions.