Aranżacja wosk metaliczny, kolor śliwka węgierka na efekcie Stiuk

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Metallic Wax

Surface protection

Available packages



18m2 / 0.3kg

Gives additional metalic gloss and facilitates further surface care. For application on interior walls and ceilings. It is particularly recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and corridors in residential buildings, as well as for restaurants or conference rooms.  

Place of application

For use on walls and ceilings inside buildings.

Substrate types

For use on decorations obtained with Classic Stucco.

Adds metalic gloss

Application with a plastering float

Protects the surface

Available colors



Step by step instruction

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this product

Step 1

The Metallic Wax should be applied to the surface using a trowel and spread evenly, forming a thin layer.

Step 2

When the MetallicWax dries gently, the surface should be polished using a dry microfiber cloth or a soft cotton swab.