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approx. 1kg / m2

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Sandstone creates an elegant, decorative textured coating imitating antique mediterranean plasters. Is manufactured on the basis of a polymer dispersion and special selected mineral fillers. It is intended to create decorative effects on interior walls and ceilings.

It is particularly recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and corridors in residential buildings, as well as for restaurants or conference rooms, hotel lobbies and corridors.

The product is ready to use. Before applying the product, mix it thoroughly to achieve a uniform consistency.

The render can be dyed with Fox Dekorator Pigments in tubes.

Imitates antique mediterranean plasters

Easy to apply with trowel and roller

Reinforced with cellulose fibres

Available colors


Possible dyeing

Sunny Glow, Fabric effect

Color after dyeing

Ink Sky, Fabric effect

Color after dyeing

Cassel Soil, Meteorite effect

Color after dyeing

Sunny Glow, Meteorite effect

Color after dyeing

Graphite Greyness, Meteorite effect

Color after dyeing

Cassel Soil,  Antique Sandstone effect

Color after dyeing

Carmel Tinge, Antique Sandstone effect

Color after dyeing

Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply

 this product

Step 1

Apply the Bonding Primer upon clean and dry surface. 

Step 2

Apply 2-3 mm layer of Sansdtone with a venetian trowel.

Step 3

Shape the pattern with a trowel led flat upon the material.

Step 4

Apply colourless Decorative Varnish upon the surface. 

Step 5

Apply Decorative Varnish coloured the Pigment. Wash off excess of Varnish from material tops with a damp sponge.  

Step by step instruction

Explore other possibilities

Meteorite effect

Meteorite effect - decorative coating with a sparkling effect illuminated even with the slightest ray of light. This effect can be used in any interior styling you design.

Antique Sandstone effect

Antique Sandstone effect – decorative coat imitating windswept and sunburnt antique Mediterranean plasters. Three-dimensional structure brings wide arrangement possibility, perfectly matches e.g. timber.