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approx. 5m2 / l

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Shimmering diamond effect – an easy-to-use decorative paint that gives the painted surface the effect of sparkling diamond flecks. It lends interiors an air of nobility and beauty. Interiors painted with Diamento allow you to move, even for a moment, to the world of luxury. 

Diamento paint is used for decorative painting of interior walls and ceilings – it is equally suitable for modern and classic interiors.

It is particularly recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and corridors in residential buildings, as well as for restaurants or conference rooms, hotel lobbies and corridors.

Imitates shimmering diamond particles


Resistant to scrubbing

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Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply 

this product

Step 1

Apply base coat paint Initium Color upon clean and dry surface.

Step 2

Apply the first coat of Diamento with irregular moves of a string roller.

Step 3

Po wyschnięciu pierwszej warstwy, nanieś drugą, analogicznie do pierwszej.

Step by step instruction

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Meteorite effect - decorative coating with a sparkling effect illuminated even with the slightest ray of light. This effect can be used in any interior styling you design.