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Ceramic plasters

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approx. 4.5 m2 / 5kg

Velur is a ceramic resin plaster, the production of which uses fine aggregate with high hardness and strength. The glass microbeads used are recycled and are responsible for the reflective properties that can be noted in this product. Adequate good lighting brings out the beautiful sparkling effect of the surface.

Thanks to the acrylic dispersion, it will not yellow or be affected by UV rays, ensuring that the color tone will be maintained for years to come. Easy Easy to apply, doesn't require additional impregnation. This is because it has increased resistance to dirt and washing. What distinguishes Velur from many other decorative plasters is its ability to hide micro cracks and irregularities in the substrate. When applied in thicker layers, it doesn't crack.

This ceramic resin plaster is designed for walls located indoors. It allows you to create an arrangement of both modern and more classic rooms.

Very resistant to mechanical damage.

Hides micro-cracks and small irregularities of the substrate

Has increased resistance to stains

Available colors


Possible dyeing




Ink Sky

Color after dyeing

Concrete Loft

Color after dyeing

Breton Blue

Color after dyeing

Black Diamond

Color after dyeing

Wild Rose

Color after dyeing


Color after dyeing

Deep - Blue Ocean

Color after dyeing

Graphite Greyness

Color after dyeing

Caramel Tinge

Color after dyeing

Coconut Cream

Color after dyeing

Menthol Green

Color after dyeing

Natural Linen

Color after dyeing

Prune Plum

Color after dyeing

Sunny Glow

Color after dyeing

Emerald Depth

Color after dyeing

Chocolate Bar

Color after dyeing

Lime Rock

Color after dyeing

Cassel Soil

Color after dyeing

Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply 

this product

Step 1

Apply the Bonding Primer upon clean and dry surface.  

Step 2

Apply smooth layer of Velour upon the surface. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Apply second layer of Velour at some spots and ashape the pattern.