Aranżacja beton dekoracyjny, efekt boniowania

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Decorative Concrete

Structural paints

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0.25L - 0.4L / m2

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Decorative Concrete is a lime structural paint based on natural binder and fillers. Its fashionable and artistic character makes it a perfect decoration for both residential interiors and public spaces. 

This paint perfectly harmonizes with metal, glass and raw wood, giving the rooms a unique modern look. The distinctive surface texture of Decorative Concrete refers to concrete with a smooth texture.

Durable coating finish


Ensures breathability of walls

Available colors


Grey + Gold Tapes

Step by step instruction

See how easy it's to apply this product

Step 1

Apply the Decorative Concrete with a venetian trowel upon the surface previously primed with the Bonding Primer. 

Step 2

When the Decorative Concrete dries, adhere tape in order to imitate rustications.

Step 3

When the surface of the Decorative Concrete dries, apply the tape imitating the bonafides.

Step 4

Before applying another layer of Decorative Concrete, the substrate should be moistened with water, and then the second layer should be applied.

Step 5

While surface initially dries, smoothen it with an edge of trowel until obtaining desired level of smoothness. When surface is still wet, remove tapes. 

Step 6

Apply colourless Decorative Varnish.